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Founded in 2017, Blush Artisan has been dedicated to creating exceptional confections for a variety of special occasions. While weddings are our specialty, our expertise extends to crafting custom birthday cakes and catering to corporate orders as well.

Our team of skilled artisans brings years of expertise and a keen eye for detail to every creation. From meticulously crafted wedding cakes to delectable desserts, each confection is a work of art, designed to not only look stunning but also taste divine. Our commitment to quality and creativity is unwavering, ensuring that every bite is a moment to savor.

With personalized service and a dedication to making your special day or event truly memorable, Blush Artisan is honored to be a part of your joyous occasion. Let us turn your sweetest dreams into a delectable reality.

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Muslim Owned Bakery

Strictly Halal Ingredients in Our Recipes

SFA Bakery Licensed

SFA Certification Available to Venues Request

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Quality Ingredients

No Shortcuts When it Comes to Taste

Our Team

At Blush Artisan Cakes, we take pride in the expertise and creativity of our dedicated cake artisans. Our team is composed of skilled bakers and talented designers who are passionate about crafting exquisite wedding cakes. With years of experience and a keen eye for detail, they bring your visions to life, creating edible works of art that not only look stunning but also taste divine. Get to know the ladies behind your dream wedding cake, each member contributing their unique skills to make your celebration truly unforgettable


Founder and Creative + Marketing

Introducing Rapika, the Visionary Founder of Blush Artisan Cakes.

As the heart and soul behind Blush, Rapika brings a wealth of expertise to our team.
A graduate in Baking and Culinary Science from Temasek Polytechnic, she has dedicated the past decade to refining her skills through various advanced courses in baking and cake decoration.
Beyond her extensive pastry background, Rapika also serves as an invited chef at Phoon Huat, where she shares her passion and knowledge with aspiring bakers. This role is a testament to her dedication to the art of baking and her commitment to excellence.

Rapika’s vision and creativity are the driving forces behind Blush, ensuring that every cake created is a true masterpiece of taste and design. Her leadership sets the standard for our commitment to delivering cakes of unparalleled quality and artistry.


Head Pastry Chef and Recipe Development

With a stellar background in patisserie, Azmira is the creative force behind our artisanal desserts at Blush Artisan. A proud graduate of the esteemed Sunrice Academy in Patisserie, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team.

Azmira’s culinary journey has been enriched by experiences in renowned establishments, including the Crown Plaza Hotel. This diverse background has provided her with a unique perspective and a refined skill set that she now channels into crafting exceptional desserts.

As the Head Pasty Chef at Blush Artisan, Azmira takes charge of decorating cakes and creating our signature artisanal desserts. Her keen eye for detail ensures that every confection she creates is not only visually stunning but also a true delight for the palate. With Azmira at the helm, we’re able to offer our clients a truly exceptional and delectable experience


Assistant Baker and Client Relations

Ash’s journey in the world of baking began as a stress-relieving activity, fueled by a genuine love for all things sweet. Now, as Client relations and assistant baker at Blush Artisan, she brings a wealth of experience and a supportive role to every cake and dessert.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for perfection,  Ash ensures that each creation is up to quality standards. Her dedication to the craft shines through in every delectable bite.

Beyond the kitchen, Ash excels in client relations, specializing in curating unforgettable experiences for our brides and grooms. Her warm and personable approach ensures that every client feels heard and understood.

With Ash on our team, Blush Artisan promises not only exceptional baked goods but also an unparalleled level of care and attention for each client’s special day.

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